Hundreds join AIP’s March against ban on Jamat-I-Islami Revoke ban on Jamat and end harassment …….Er. Rasheed

Hundreds join AIP’s March against ban on Jamat-I-Islami

Revoke ban on Jamat and end harassment …….Er. Rasheed

Handwara 09 March:  Hundreds hailing from all walks of life joined AIP’s march in Handwara today against the ban on Jamat-I-Islami and illegal detentions all across valley. Protesters holding play cards in their hands were seeking revocation of ban and an end to state suppression. Later addressing the gathering at main chowk Handwara Er. Rasheed urged Union Government to reconsider its decision and not to chock the space for voice of descent. He said “Jamat-I-Isami is not an underground organization and has been operating since decades in the entire state. It is known to all that neither Kashmir issue is creation of Jamat-I-Islami, nor do Kashmiris seek resolution to Kashmir issue because Jamat-I-Islami wants them to say so. While New Delhi always talks of peaceful resolution to Kashmir dispute but whatsoever is being done on the ground is nothing but an act of muzzling all those voices who dare to speak truth and talk about resolution to Kashmir dispute. If New Delhi is adamant to chock the space for peaceful political activities it will yield nothing except anarchy and distrust between New Delhi and Srinagar”. Er. Rasheed appealed Prime Minister Narindra Modi not to continue with the ongoing Kashmir policy and said that sooner or later New Delhi has to talk to Kashmiris for a peaceful and durable resolution to the dispute as resolution to dispute will benefit not only Kashmiris but the entire subcontinent. He said “Those crying of radicalization should realize that if political space is constantly chocked, those not believing in peaceful struggle and resolution through dialogue get stronger. Jamat-I-Islami has contributed much not only in education sector but in social sector also and party had never indulged in communal politics, as such banning Jamat-I-Islami is not a decision based on justice”. Er. Rasheed alleged that all those arrested across state during past one month are not being released despite court orders and appealed administration not to humiliate and torture Kashmiris.

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